Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Infernal Outcry - Mass Extinction Requiem I (Independent, 2016)

Admittedly, up until a couple of months ago I hadn't heard of Infernal Outcry but thankfully I discovered them just before they unleashed "Mass Extinction Requiem I" and it became necessary for me to purchase a copy after I heard the song "Eclipsed" as it instantly gained my attention. As it turns out, this was definitely a case of first impressions being accurate as it didn't take too many listens for me to be able to appreciate what was on offer or leave me thoroughly impressed.

Put simply, Infernal Outcry exist where technical and melodic death metal meet though they never completely focus on either, instead going for a perfect balance between the two. Each song blends precise, complex riffs and rhythms with well-chosen groovier passages and dexterous, yet memorable, solos and it is within this framework that Infernal Outcry make their music come to life, full of controlled aggression and focused intensity.

Other than "Jaws Of Life" each of the songs are around the seven minute mark which gives Infernal Outcry ample opportunity to flex their collective muscle and they certainly make the most of it. Personally, I find their greatest strength in the the fact that, while they can certainly be described as progressive or technical death metal, "Mass Extinction Requiem I" is never overly complex or indulgent even though all involved clearly demonstrate that they have the abilities to push things further if they so chose.

If Infernal Outcry intended to make their presence felt on their first attempt  then it is a case of mission accomplished as "Mass Extinction Requiem I" manages to achieve all that it should in a mere twenty minutes. As the title suggests that there is more yet to come it will certainly be interesting to see what is to follow, in the meantime I would recommend not only taking the time to invest in this but also check out the video for "Eclipsed" and support a new band that have already proven to be one to watch.

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