Monday, October 19, 2015

Immorium - Universum (Independent, 2015)

From the time that I first heard melodic death metal many years ago it has been a staple of my listening habits though even I would be the first to admit that it is a style of metal that tends to fall on either side of excellent or mediocre. Even though Immorium have two previous releases their first full-length album "Universum" marks my initial encounter with the band and, as it turns out, it turned out to be a very positive introduction indeed, one that thankfully falls in the former category. 

All the elements that you would expect to find are present on "Universum", so it really isn't difficult to appreciate what Immorium are doing however the songs exceed the standard three to four minute duration, even to the point of reaching nine minutes on "Portal To Infinity". To their credit, such ambition does not prove to be a problem as there is more than enough substance in the song writing that, if anything, it allows Immorium to fully demonstrate just how good they are without constraint. 

At risk of repeating myself, "Universum" is another fine example of an independent band providing such a complete package that it absolutely warrants the investment in a physical copy rather than a faceless download. Immorium have certainly spared no expense or effort in presenting their music in the best possible light, if the music itself wasn't a selling point, and believe me it definitely is, then the presentation alone would be deserving of attention.

Even though it's a tenuous link, given that Universum, another fine Australian band that likewise proved adept at melodic death metal, are now missing in action, feared lost, it almost seems like Immorium are here to fill the void and, based upon what I have heard here, they are certainly qualified for the job. "Universum" is a perfectly balanced blend of melody, heaviness and dexterity that certainly doesn't come across as a debut album in any sense, making Immorium yet another band to keep your eye on in the future.